One Photo Story (2) – Friends

I’ve loved them dearly since 2006.

Ania (left) is truly wild, unpredictable and a rather mysterious soul. For example, who would ever imagine her getting married? Certainly not me and not Piter (middle), to be clear, not the groom at this particular party. Regardless, he is definitely my and Ania’s favourite man.

For the last month or so, we see each other every Sunday (because “remember the S. day and keep it holy”), since we discovered Technology: we can see and hear each other despite living in 3 different countries, cultivate old friendship and make the time for others one of the top priority. About time, I know. Well, the virus did this to many of us, I guess.
Anyway, we now talk for hours into the night (my night, that is, they are just missing lunches), solving the world’s most pressing problems, laughing at our past and present fuck ups and thinning those dark clouds in my head.

As you know, I don’t do people, but I do love MY people and I’m forever grateful for their patience for my restless soul.

Cherish your loved ones, is what I’m trying to say. Peace.

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